College & Career Ministry


In all we do, become like Christ, do as Christ, glorify Christ.

Our students have a hands-on approach. They help us coordinate, plan, and organize time of fun, fellowship, and spiritual activities throughout the year.

It's our desire to be part of the work God wants to accomplish through our local church as we continue to grow and be shepherded. By God's grace, not only has He given us a church to call home, but He has also done the saving work of making us part of His Church! For that we are deeply grateful to Him and we strive to serve in our local church as we are capable, trained, and gifted.

Jesus taught and modeled for us that our neighbor is not only those who live next to us - it is everyone! With that in mind we want to live a godly life in our homes and among our neighbors that communicates that Jesus is real in our lives. Our partnership with missionaries and pastors in Panama is one avenue in which our students serve and grow personally in their walk with Christ.